About Core Synchronism

Core Synchronism is a system of energetic medicine for synchronizing the body, both physical and energetic, to the movement of the cerebral spinal fluid. It is a system of “hands on” energy work designed to restore peace and harmony.

How does Core Synchronism work?

Whether you’ve experienced an emotional shock, physical injury or are just feeling ‘out of sorts,’ Core can help restore your sense of balance and well-being. When a part of us loses its relationship with the Core rhythm (movement of the cerebral spinal fluid) this out-of-balance condition may, if left uncorrected,  lead to discomfort, stressful emotional states, inflammation and, eventually, pain. A Core treatment re-establishes synchronistic balance on all levels- mental/emotional, etheric (energetic) and physical. When that happens, one deeply relaxes, harmony is restored and the body is able to use it’s life energy to heal itself.

What happens during a Core Synchronism treatment?

During a treatment the client lies comfortably on a treatment table fully clothed.

The Core practitioner synchronizes the various parts of the body by using a gentle touch.  No massage is used. Some people can feel the energy movements while others cannot.  But everyone benefits from the treatment.  Each person’s response to the treatment is different but most feel very relaxed at the end of the appointment.  Getting deeply relaxed allows you to heal on profound levels.

How long do Core Synchronism treatments last?

Please set aside 1.5 hours for your appointment.  This allows us to have time for discussion and an hour and fifteen minute treatment.

What can Core Synchronism address?

Core Synchronism is not pathology specific.  This means that Core can address such diverse imbalances  as stress, physical injuries (including head trauma), chronic pain, pre- and post-op healing, pregnancy discomforts, auto-immune disorders, and mental & emotional traumas such as grief.  The purpose of a Core treatment is to help balance the body so the life energy of the body itself can heal whatever is out of balance.

There are no contraindications to having a Core Synchronism treatment, including acute or chronic illnesses. There are no age limits.  Core practitioners have helped people of all ages from newborns with birth trauma to people transitioning into death.  Also, there is no specific belief system required in order to benefit from the potential effectiveness of the treatment.

Many clients choose to come in regularly without having any specific complaints, using Core as part of their health maintenance program.  They understand the role daily stress plays in undermining health. Core treatments provide balance and peace, which allows the body to manifest optimal health.

What might I experience or feel after a treatment?

Everyone is different and there are many possibilities. You might feel better right away or be highly energized the next day.  It is possible you may experience some discomfort during the 12-48 hours after the treatment.  These responses indicate that positive change is taking place in your body as you heal.

How many treatments will be required?

It is not possible to predict how many treatments it will take to resolve a problem.  However as a general rule recent problems may be resolved more quickly. When dealing with older issues, more treatments may be required to help the body remember what is normal.  The clients response to treatments will determine how many and how often sessions are needed.

How did Core Synchronism evolve?

Robert Stevens (NTS, ND, CCSP), director of the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics (nmsnt.org) in Albuquerque, NM developed Core Synchronism.  After many years of study and practice of Polarity Therapy and Cranial Osteopathy, Robert realized that the cerebral spinal fluid was where these two systems overlapped, where the etheric body interacted with the physical body. He began to developed a new model with the basic understanding that human beings are composed of both an energetic body and physical body and both need to be addressed. From this understanding, Core Synchronism was born.